In the January 20, 2018 Saturday evening Bible study hour, we looked at The Gospel According to Job, beginning with a reading of Job 19:23-27.   In this study we saw from the words of scripture that the gospel was preached from the foundation of the world, and did not begin only after Jesus Christ came in the flesh.  The reason we looked into that aspect of the gospel was to gain an understanding of how Job, way back then, could already know the things of the gospel as revealed in those few verses in chapter 19.  We also saw that there is an obedience to the gospel that is required for salvation – the “obedience of faith” – because faith (in general) is made alive by works.  And there is only one work that God requires for a man to be born again, and that work is, as Jesus says, that we “believe on him whom he [the Father] hath sent (John 6:29).  We saw that the work of believing on/in/upon Jesus Christ, that one must do for salvation, is to call upon the name of the Lord.  We saw this clearly in the form of a question and answer directly from God’s word in Acts 16:30-31.  We also saw how great a death (the lowest hell) it is from which we are saved.

There is much more in the study notes (The Gospel According to Job), much of which could (and likely will) lead to more future studies branching out in different directions.  At the end of the study, we came back to Job 19:23-27 and tied things together, comparing spiritual things with spiritual (1 Corinthians 2:13) in our desire to understand the deep things of God (1 Corinthians 2:10), and saw how things which God wrote (by the pen of Paul, Peter, Luke, John, Zechariah) are seen in what God wrote for us to read in Job.

May the reading of the study notes, The Gospel According to Job, bless you in your own personal studies, and lead you closer to our Lord Jesus Christ by whom we are saved according to his gospel.

If you are not saved, Jesus Christ offers to you his free gift of salvation, which is deliverance from so great a death – the lowest hell – (Joel 2:32, 2 Corinthians 1:10, Psalm 86:13) which we all deserve.  In Job 22:29 we read that he shall save the humble person.  If you will humble yourself before the Lord Jesus Christ and confess that you are a sinner deserving of so great a death, but that you believe in your heart that Jesus Christ has taken upon himself your wages of sin and has purchased salvation for you, and has risen from the dead and is alive for evermore, and call upon him by name (“Jesus Christ, please save me from hell and give me thy free gift of everlasting life”), you shall be saved.  From that moment on, you will have everlasting life, and will be eternally secure in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Will you call on the name of the Lord today?