Did you ever wonder what Jesus wrote when he stooped down and wrote on the ground as Satan’s scribes (and Pharisees) were tempting him (John 8:1-11)?  Have you ever compared this almost-always-mis-understood passage with scripture itself (comparing spiritual things with spiritual so as to rightly divide the word of truth and understand more of the deep things of God)?  An example of such a comparison is shown in the study notes entitled The Man Caught In Adultery.  Satan’s scribes brought to Jesus a woman caught “in the very act” of adultery, but I wonder if it has really dawned upon most people to ask, if she was caught “in the very act” then  … wasn’t there a man also caught in the very same act?  Where, oh where, was the man???  And when Jesus stooped down and wrote on the ground, what did he write?  Check out the study notes and see what the scripture saith.  You may be surprised.  And hopefully you (like me) will stand “in awe of thy word” more than ever before (Psalm 119:161).