Continuing from Highlights from Job – Part 1, we recently looked into more highlights from the book of Job, Highlights from Job – Part 2.  This “Part 2” study included selected verses from Chapters 16-18, and ending at Chapter 19 with reference to the text passage for a prior study called The Gospel According to Job.

In Part 2, we considered the Comforter and the comfort of the scriptures that he gives, as opposed to the “miserable comforters” and the “comfort” of vain words and mind-numbing medications that the world prescribes instead.  We also looked into “gnashing of teeth” to see what that might mean (there will be a future study devoted just to that phrase in the KJB, with a fuller comparison of spiritual things [God’s words] with spiritual).  We also saw (again) words which inform us that spiritual understanding is of the heart (not the mind), and referred back to Understanding Inspiration from Job 32:8, which refers to God inputting understanding into our spirit.  Related to comfort and understanding, we saw also a reference to man’s own counsel, and contrasted that with the counsel of the Counsellor (Isaiah 9:6).  And finally, we looked briefly into one of those “archaic” words that text critics and others think should be changed.  But remember that it is God that inspires his word(s) to our understanding, and God says “diminish not a word” (Jeremiah 26:2).  (You’ll have to read the Part 2 study notes to see which “archaic” word this is…)

God bless