Highlights from Job could be very expansive, as there are highlights upon highlights that could be … highlighted.  In presenting highlights from Job , from my own recent personal studying through the book, I focused on things that brought other scriptures to mind, in keeping with the desire for “comparing spiritual things with spiritual,” and in keeping with the focus of the prior study that looked into The Gospel According to Job.  We can indeed see the gospel throughout the book of Job, if we have eyes to see, and ears to hear (spiritually-speaking… that is, if we have what I have come to refer to as the heart-set of the believer… as opposed to what is so prevalent among so many who call themselves Christians but who have the mind-set of the critic and cannot – or will not – “see” or “hear” the deep things of God because they are not even reading the actual word of God (the KJB) wherein the deep things of God are to be found).  I hope and pray that those who read the study notes will “see” and “hear” and come to (or, like in my case, come back to) the actual word of God – the KJB – that God has given to the English-speaking world in these last days.  Check out the study notes from the Highlights from Job – Part 1.  Part 2 will be forthcoming.  For those who can make the Saturday night studies, there is more to be seen and heard and understood “live” than what can be received just from the study notes themselves, so I would encourage you to come and “see” (and “hear”) and be a part of it.  God bless.